How to Preserve Vaccines ? Aug 02, 2022

Proper Refrigeration Equipment 


Having the proper refrigeration equipment is the first important step to ensuring product safety and efficiency at your facility. You also need to have appropriate vaccine storage and handling practices and procedures in place. With 11 years' industry experience, METHER Biomedical focuses on providing high quality and reliable vaccine storage equipment for hospitals, CDC and research institutes.


How to Preserve Vaccine proper


1) Vaccines should be away from the refrigerator walls, floors and cold-air vents. If vaccines are kept against refrigerator walls, floors and cold air vents it increases the risk of exposing vaccines to temperatures below 2℃

2)Vaccine packages should always have a little space between them to allow for air circulation. Avoid tightly packing and stacking the packages.

3)Organize vaccines by products. Place vaccines of the same type together.

4)Check vaccine expiry dates regularly and after every vaccine order.

Remember the acronym FIFO *(First In First Out).

Vaccine expiry dates should always be checked before use. If expired, return them right away to vaccine supply source.


Inappropriate vaccine storage presents a significant risk to patient safety and public health,so professional medical-grade refrigerators and freezers like dual system series of METHER, are specifically designed and engineered for the proper storage of vaccines which were strictly tested to maintain temperature stability and uniformity throughout daily use in a busy pharmacy or clinic setting, often with frequently door openings every hour.

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