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As a global supplier in the industry of Laboratory equipment, Mether Biomedical is committed to delivering highly specialized and cutting-edge devices. Our portfolio is devided into 2 sections, laboratory cold preservation and Bio-sample preprocessing which includes refrigerators, freezers,  transport boxes, LN2 tanks, centrifuges, ultrasonic processors, CO2 incubators and water purifiers.  


Laboratory Cold Preservation


Laboratory cold preservations for the safe storage of bio-samples, specimens, cultures and other laboratory preparations from temperatures -196°C to +37°C. Equipped with accurate cooling systems, advanced temperature monitoring software, and remote alarm solutions. Mether portfolio provide the customers the best levels of reliability with a wide variety of cold chain products, including LN2 Bio tanks, -150℃ Cryogenic freezers, -86℃ Ultra-low freezers, -60℃/-40℃/-25℃ biomedical deep freezers, 2~8℃ laboratory refrigerators, ex-proof refrigerators and biomedical combined frige&freezers. 


Laboratory Equipments






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