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    Ultra Low Storage are devices intended for safe storage for vaccines, human cells, tissues and other laboratory samples at ultra-low temperature ranging from -60℃~-150℃. The ULT low storage from Mether Biomedical are equipped with a high-performing cooling system that ensures temperature uniformity, reliability and energy efficiency.

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    Biomedical freezer are medical-grade freezers designed to preserve the integrity of your valuable research and clinical samples. its advanced cooling system ensure temperature stability, and fast recovery.

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    As a global supplier in the industry of Laboratory equipment, Mether Biomedical is committed to delivering highly specialized and cutting-edge devices. Our laboratory portfolio includes centrifuges, ultrasonic processors, CO2 incubators and water purifiers.  

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About Us
  Established in 2011, Mether Biomedical is a high-tech enterprise which specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing of laboratory & bio-medical storage equipment, cold room, cold-chain logistics, LN2 tank and laboratory instrument, ultrasonic processor, pure water machine and centrifuge. We pursue the concept of  For a healthy world, For a healthy future with the strong support from R&D team. We produce environmentally friendly products for high-end brand technical areas like research institutes, hospitals, laboratories, commercial retails with the dedication to build a green bridge for health for the humanity and the world. OUR BRANDS METHER   PROMED METHER products are with advanced technology and pursues the ultimate configuration, safety and comprehensive performance, all of which are at the first-class level in the industry.  METHER maximizes safety of bio-samples and provide excellent product experience. METHER dual system products provide double issurance to aviod unexpected. Meanwhile, METHER is committed to building an information-based biomedical industry to realize sensitive sample's information visualization and traceability.   PROMED adheres to the concept of creating maximum value for customers. Its core is to supply users with durable, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain products that offer value-added product experience to customers. In additional, PROMED focuses on energy efficiency and service life of products. It has obtained multiple international certifications. With more than 11 years experience of manufacturing and marketing, PROMED is favored by users all over the world.                                             Our Story COMPANY HISTORY 2011 Established in Hefei 2012 Marching License and ISO certified 2013 Striving -86℃ ULT released 2014 Stepping Mobile cooler released 2015 Developing China's first dual system  2016 Launching Overseas Dept. established 2017 Jumping Japaness $10 million project 2018 Massing Newly-built 70,000m2 factory 2019 Fruitful World-leading -150℃ Tech 2020 Transferring Laboratory instruments released   Manufacturing Site   Certificate   Case Study    
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METHER Biomedical: Safeguarding Blood for the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games
  As the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games draws near, we're honored to ensure medical safety at Chunan Competition Zone. Known for challenging sports like triathlons and cycling, our specialized MDF-4V108 units maintain blood integrity with precision.   We're committed to advancing medical tech for events like this, ensuring athletes' well-being. Here's to a successful and safe competition!  
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    Arab Lab 2023: A Phenomenal First Encounter!
    METHER maiden voyage to Arab Lab 2023 has been nothing short of extraordinary! We've been thrilled to welcome a diverse and enthusiastic audience to the METHER Biomedical booth. The overwhelming interest and engagement have been truly heartwarming. We're deeply appreciative of your support as we introduce our innovative biomedical solutions to the global stage.The journey has just begun, and we can't wait to share more transformative technologies with you!   
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    Just 6 Days to Go! ARAB LAB 2023 is Almost Here!
     Just 6 Days to Go! ARAB LAB 2023 is Almost Here!   Get ready for the region's premier laboratory and instrumentation exhibition, ARAB LAB 2023!    METHER Biomedical is thrilled to be part of this prestigious event once again, showcasing our latest innovations in biomedical technology.    Stay tuned for live updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and exclusive insights as we gear up to bring cutting-edge solutions to the heart of the Arab world.    Mark your calendars, and let's meet at ARAB LAB 2023!   
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    Beginning of Autumn
    Unlocking Autumn's Essence: The Transition Begins   Beginning of Autumn, the 13th solar term, heralds autumn's arrival. Yang energy recedes, making way for yin's ascent.   This season of reflection marks a shift in nature's rhythm.   As life matures, rainfall lessens, and customs like "tie qiubiao" celebrate nature's bounty.   Join us, METHER Biomedical, in embracing this vibrant transition.
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