A Complete Line For An Efficient Vaccine Cold Chain  As a global supplier in the sector of medical technology, METHER Biomedical is committed to delivering highly specialized and cutting-edge devices. As a manufacturer of medical cold chain equipment, Mether Biomedical offers innovative and reliable solutions to ensure the success of your immunization programmes. Our portfolio includes refrigerators, freezers and transport boxes for various vaccines, whether for -86℃ or 2~8℃ preservation or transportation. The cold chain solutions provide leading comprehensive real-time tracking and mornitoring systems to ensure your vaccines always in good protection.   -70 ℃ Ultra-low temperature preservation   Mether Ultra-Low Freezers are devices intended for the safe storage of vaccines, human cells, tissues and other laboratory samples at ultra-low temperatures ranging from -40°C to -86°C. The long-term and effective storage of some mRNA vaccines requires ultra-low freezers. Designed for the safe storage of your vaccines and specimens, Mether Ultra-Low Freezers are equipped with a high-performing cooling system that ensures temperature uniformity, reliability and energy efficiency.        -25℃ deep cold preservation    Mether Biomedical offers a wide range of medical-grade freezers which are designed to preserve the integrity of the valuable vaccines. Its advanced cooling systems ensure temperature stability, uniformity, and fast recovery.  Generally, live attenuated vaccines and mRNA vaccines could be preserved below -20℃ for long time.     2~8℃ Preservation   Vaccine Refrigerators for the safe storage of Inactivated vaccines (long-term), live attenuated vaccines and mRNA (short-term) at temperatures between +2°C and +8°C. Equipped with accurate cooling systems, advanced temperature monitoring software, and remote alarm solutions, our vaccine refrigerators provide the best levels of reliability. Mether Biomedical offers a wide variety of models from 60 liters to 1500 litres. In particular, our unique dual cooling system refrigerators provides the greatest protection for vaccine safety.       -25℃/2~8℃ Vaccine Transportation    Mether Biomedical is committed to the safe transportation of vaccines. We offer reliable vaccine boxes for the safe transport of vaccines or medicines from different storage centres to vaccination sites. As the Mether ​vaccine boxes are actively refrigerated coolers, it can support long-term transportation without worrying about the temperature rise inside the box. The vaccine boxes work in both mains and vehicle power (AC 220V/AC 110V/DC 12V), that provides maximum convenience for the transportation of vaccines. In addition, we also offer a complete cold chain monitoring and tracking system to ensure the traceability and safety of vaccines in transporting.     Wireless Cold Chain Monitoring System   Mether ...
      One-stop Laboratory Equipment Solutions    As a global supplier in the industry of Laboratory equipment, Mether Biomedical is committed to delivering highly specialized and cutting-edge devices. Our portfolio is devided into 2 sections, laboratory cold preservation and Bio-sample preprocessing which includes refrigerators, freezers,  transport boxes, LN2 tanks, centrifuges, ultrasonic processors, CO2 incubators and water purifiers.     Laboratory Cold Preservation   Laboratory cold preservations for the safe storage of bio-samples, specimens, cultures and other laboratory preparations from temperatures -196°C to +37°C. Equipped with accurate cooling systems, advanced temperature monitoring software, and remote alarm solutions. Mether portfolio provide the customers the best levels of reliability with a wide variety of cold chain products, including LN2 Bio tanks, -150℃ Cryogenic freezers, -86℃ Ultra-low freezers, -60℃/-40℃/-25℃ biomedical deep freezers, 2~8℃ laboratory refrigerators, ex-proof refrigerators and biomedical combined frige&freezers.    Laboratory Equipments          
      Blood, plasma, and other blood components are utilised every day in clinical and research environments for a multitude of uses, from life-saving transfusions to important haematology tests. All samples used for these medical activities have in common that they require to be stored and transported at certain temperatures. But why is this the case and what storage solutions are available for this?Blood is made up of many different components which interact constantly with each other and the rest of our body: red blood cells bring the necessary oxygen to the cells of our body, white blood cells kill any pathogen they can find, platelets can prevent bleeding in case of injury, nutrients from our digestive system are transported by the blood flow, and many different kind of proteins with different functions act on a molecular level to help our cells survive, defend themselves and thrive.All these components interact with each other either directly and indirectly and use chemical reactions often reliant on certain temperature to be able to function normally. In our body, where their ambient temperature is normally around 37°C, all these reactions happen normally, but if the temperature was to rise, the molecules would start to break and lose their functions, while if it was to become colder, they would slow down and stop interacting with each other.Being able to slow down chemical reactions is of extreme importance in medicine once samples are obtained: blood bags and in particular red blood cell preparations kept at a temperature between 2°C and 6°C can be easily stored without the risk of it spoiling, thus allowing healthcare professionals to use the samples in a variety of ways. Similarly, once the blood plasma has been separated via centrifugation from the red blood cells present in a blood sample, it requires cold storage to maintain the integrity of its chemical components. This time though, the required temperature for long-term storage is below -27°C, therefore much lower than what normal blood requires.To achieve this, Mether Biomedical has created a wide range of medical refrigeration solutions. Blood Bank Refrigerators, Plasma Storage Freezers and Ultra-Low Freezers, specialised equipment to safely store blood products at 4°C, -40°C and -86°C. Moreover, Mether biomedical provides platelet incubators for the storing Platelet concentrates in continues motion at controlled temperature. Finally, Mether Transport coolers can provide a safe transport solution for any blood product at any temperature.Blood and its components need to be stored at the right temperature as soon as they are extracted from the donor's body to preserve all the important cells, proteins and molecules that can be used either for testing, research, or clinical procedures. Mether biomedical has created an end-to-end cold chain to ensure that blood products are always kept safe at the right temperature.    
    The solution combines biomedical smart refrigerators and RFID technology to comprehensively monitor the use, management, inventory and handover of IVD reagents in the entire circulation process. The solution improves the warehouse management ability and work efficiency of reagents. Supported by logistics information technology, Internet of Things workstations and intelligent hardwares, the intelligent management model that strengthens the whole-process supervision of the IVD reagent management department and reduces the burden of department personnel and reagent storage operation management.   Cloud Platform Mode   The platform takes the reagent management information system as the core, RFID intelligent equipment and IOT Internet of Things technology as the drive, and multi-dimensional visualization as the management platform. Intelligent and refined intelligent service platform.     Hospital Laboratory   IVD IoT solutions achieves the coordination and consistency of reagent management inside and outside the hospital through the establishment of an IoT workstation in the hospital, centralized management and distribution of medical reagents outside the hospital, and refined management in the hospital. The solutions establishes a management platform including the specifications, varieties, prices, upper and lower limits of inventory, expiration date management, wastage, and efficiency of reagents. Through intelligent equipment such as smart refrigerators, visual Kanban, automatic replenishment, and verification terminals, it can meet the multi-level inventory management and personalized needs of the inspection department, and realize the easy traceability, high accuracy, low inventory, informationization and high efficiency of medical reagent management.   IVD Central Storehouse
    A biobank is a type of biorepository that stores biological samples for use in research. Biobanks have become an important resource in medical research, supporting many types of contemporary research like genomics and personalized medicine.  Mether Biomedical optimizes resource allocation on the basis of biological sample information management technology, and realize of the development of both software and hardware in biobank construction. From infrastructure planning to process design, from hardware equipment to software development, from consumables supply to scientific research transformation services, Mether Biomedical provides users with efficient, scientific and standard comprehensive Bio-bank solutions.   Bio-bank Zoning Planning   Information Management Bio-bank information management system Cold chain monitoring system LAN Server & Equipment Printers / Copiers   Device Quality Contol -25℃ Biomedical deep freezers 2~8℃ Biomedical refrigerators Biological safety cabinets CO2 incubators Bio-sample preprocessing -25℃ Biomedical deel freezers 2~8℃ Biomedical refrigerators Biological safety cabinets Controlled-rate freezers High-speed refrigerated centrifuges Low-speed centrifuges LN2 Bio-storage Vapor phase LN2 bio-tanks LN2 piping, LN2 supply tower or tanks Transport LN2 tanks   Ultra-low temperature storage -86℃ Ultra-low freezers

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