The solution combines biomedical smart refrigerators and RFID technology to comprehensively monitor the use, management, inventory and handover of IVD reagents in the entire circulation process. The solution improves the warehouse management ability and work efficiency of reagents. Supported by logistics information technology, Internet of Things workstations and intelligent hardwares, the intelligent management model that strengthens the whole-process supervision of the IVD reagent management department and reduces the burden of department personnel and reagent storage operation management.


Cloud Platform Mode


The platform takes the reagent management information system as the core, RFID intelligent equipment and IOT Internet of Things technology as the drive, and multi-dimensional visualization as the management platform. Intelligent and refined intelligent service platform.



Hospital Laboratory


IVD IoT solutions achieves the coordination and consistency of reagent management inside and outside the hospital through the establishment of an IoT workstation in the hospital, centralized management and distribution of medical reagents outside the hospital, and refined management in the hospital. The solutions establishes a management platform including the specifications, varieties, prices, upper and lower limits of inventory, expiration date management, wastage, and efficiency of reagents. Through intelligent equipment such as smart refrigerators, visual Kanban, automatic replenishment, and verification terminals, it can meet the multi-level inventory management and personalized needs of the inspection department, and realize the easy traceability, high accuracy, low inventory, informationization and high efficiency of medical reagent management.


IVD Central Storehouse

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