Embarking on an epic saga of scientific adventures! Jan 23, 2024

After a 6-year intermission, we decided to spice things up by ditching the cozy lab life and taking our show on the road—literally, to the great outdoors and field greenhouses!


Say goodbye to the typical 32-degree lab comfort because our METHER Biomedical gear doesn't play by the rules. 


It's been soaking up the sun for an impressive 6 years, braving the scorching 55-degree summer heat like a champ.


But here's the kicker – we've turned the research game on its head by setting up LAB right in the middle of the fields. Not only did we break free from the lab's four walls, but we also created a storage paradise for easy-breezy outdoor experiments! 


Now, let's talk about our unsung hero—the Glass-Door Medical refrigerator. Picture this: six years in the wild, battling crazy temperatures and humidity, and it's still standing tall, the superhero of stability!  


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