What is Dual Cooling In a Refrigerator? Mar 14, 2023

Mether Biomedical's dual cooling system is designed to provide maximum safety and reliability for your precious bio-samples. The system is equipped with two independent cooling systems, ensuring that your samples are protected even in the event of an unexpected system failure. With one cooling system down, the other will maintain a temperature in the minus 70 degree range, ensuring that your samples are never put at risk.

 But that's not all - the dual cooling system also maximizes longevity and efficiency, providing optimal performance under normal working conditions. When operating under normal conditions, the two independent systems start in sequence at intervals, and then work together to provide rapid pull-down performance.

 With faster cooling performance and maximum safety for your bio-samples, Mether Biomedical's dual cooling system is the perfect solution for your lab's needs. Trust us to provide you with the reliability and efficiency you need to keep your samples safe and secure.


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