What is a plasma freezer? Feb 16, 2023

-40℃ Plasma Freezers

Plasma Freezer are devices intended for the safe storage of frozen blood plasma or blood components at temperatures below -27.

Reliable Cooling Performance

Fast temperature recovery in case of frequent door openings


 Precise Temperature Control

Uniform and stable temperature distribution


 Double Cooling System

2 independent chambers can be controlled independently


 Robust and durable Cabinets

Steel cabinets providing strong thermal insulation & robustness


 High Efficiency & Energy Saving

High-performing compressor for greater energy efficiency


Preservation Temperature Shelf life
Fresh frozen plasma ≤-30℃ 1 year
Fresh frozen plasma(FFP) ≤-20℃ less than one year
Cryoprecipitation(PRYO) ≤-20℃ less than one year

Model MDF-40V268E MDF-40V278W MDF-40V328E MDF-40V358 MDF-40V528
Plasma bag(450ml) 300 320 420 336 504
Capacity(L/cu.ft) 268/9.46 278/9.81 328/11.58 358/12.6 524/18.64
Shelf/drawer QTY Shelf/3 Drawer/7 Shelf/4 Drawer/12 Drawer/18
Temperature range(℃) -20℃~-40℃ -20℃~-40℃ -20℃~-40℃ -20℃~-40℃ -20℃~-40℃
Exterior size(W*D*H)(mm) 673*676*1630 659*600*1694 673*676*1886 720*830*1870 900*818*1875
High/low temperature Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power failure Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sensor error Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature controller failure Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Door ajar Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power failure backup 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours

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