Amazing! More efficient, More economical. Oct 11, 2022


In mid-September, METHER Biomedical released PROMED new generation -86℃ ultra-low temperature freezers. The new E-series freezers are designed with a new look, better ergonomics, and a 7-inch touchscreen controller.


Compared with the previous generation of PROMED E-series ultra-low temperature freezers, the new generation products have made a great upgrade. 

1. Appearance - The classic black and white color collection, in line with the aesthetics of more people.

2. Convenience - The door handle could be easily operated with one hand, and the automatic pressure release port can allow the door to open and close frequently in daily use. File box is design for keeping daily record files.

3. Intelligent - Eye level touch screen integrates temperature display, history graphs, alarms and event logging.

4. Performance - Advanced automatic cascade refrigeration system has better cooling efficiency and energy saving. The cooling speed increased by 10% . Also, the improved insulation technology makes the cooling loss reduced by 15%.

5. Extensions - Standard configuration with built-in USB data logger, remote alarm and RS485 interface. Optional chart recorder, water cooling system and CO2/LN2 backup system.


The NEW generation of E series ultra-low temperature freezers is our big release in the year of 2022. It has very competitive advantages in the global market.


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