Cryopreservation refers to the storage of a living organism, cell or tissue at ultra-low temperatures such that it can be restored to the same viable state as before it was frozen. Storage for an indefinite amount of time requires samples to be maintained below the glass transition temperature of aqueous solutions, approximately -130ºC, the temperature at which frozen water no longer sublimes and recrystallizes. Therefore -150°C mechanical freezers or liquid nitrogen storage tanks are required for long-term preservation.

For years cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen at -196°C has been the standard for long term preservation. Over the years it became clear that cross contamination was a real risk with this kind of preservation. Not only can samples be contaminated by the nitrogen itself, but also by other samples. For this reason, storage in vapour phase became more popular. Valuable samples were no longer stored in liquid phase nitrogen to eliminate the risk of cross contamination.


There are also disadvantages of storage in vapour phase though:


Loss of storage capacity. The bottom third of the vessel cannot be used as there is liquid phase nitrogen there.

The temperature provided by vapour phase storage is highly dependent on the level of liquid nitrogen in the bottom of the vessel.

Large vertical temperature gradients can put valuable samples at greater risk during long term storage.


METHER BIOMEDICAL provides a safe, convenient and economical alternative long term storage solution for customers.  Let‘s see why MDF-150H128 -150℃ Cryo-freezer is so popular in the market.


- MDF-150H128 uses a highly efficient mixed refrigerant which is CFC-free and non-flammable.

- Specially designed circuit safety protectors and emergency shutdown buttons provide maximum electrical safety protection。



- Rapid cooling from room temperature to -150℃ in only 231 minutes

- Exellent temperature uniformity and fluctuation (±1.7℃).

(Testing condition : ambient temperature 25℃)



Incorporating a high-efficiency oil separator, MDF-150H128 effectively separate lubricant oil from refrigerant, increasing the durability of the compressors and offering a reliable ultra-low temperature environment. Highly efficient compressors have been specially developed and incorporated our Cryogenic -150ºC freezers. So that the The MDF-150H128 will work steadily for years and requires only routine maintenance.


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