Choosing Vaccine Refrigerators Freezers to Meet May 18, 2022

Vaccines have been one of the strongest lines of defense in the fight against the spread of infectious diseases. From development to transport and storage, and ultimately administration, the goal of vaccine manufacturers and clinicians is to deliver safe, effective prevention and treatment measures through vaccinations.

To meet that goal, proper vaccine storage conditions are critical. Improper temperature storage can reduce the potency of a vaccine – or in the case of freezing, destroy it altogether.

While the CDC and other governing bodies regularly issue and update guidance on proper storage and management of vaccine inventory to help ensure vaccines remain in range throughout the cold chain, there has not been a good standard in North America that could be referenced for the performance of a refrigerator or freezer for the storage of vaccines or refrigerated medications.

In order to meet the needs of the international and dommestic market ,reply on specialized technical R&D and production team,we have introduced advanced refrigeration technology from Europe to build high-end medical research equipment in China.METHER brand not only adhering the principle of the company’s managerment of “For a healthy world,For a healthy future” but also effectivly interpret the company’s innovation concept to meet the increasingly diversaified needs from domestic and abroad. Our vaccine fridge meets world standards,please contact us if u need the vaccines freezer .of couse if u interest in know us more ,welcome to pm me .


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